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Tata Intellion
Tata Intellion About Us

About Intellion

Intellion is the exclusive office spaces vertical of Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited

It is reimagining the workplace to deliver Smart, Secure, Sustainable and Social work environments that cater efficiently to the needs of fast-growing companies and the new age workforce that help increase efficiency, augment innovation and promote well-being.

TATA's real estate arm was established in the year 1984, and has over the years built a creditable portfolio of projects in cities across India.

A 100 percent subsidiary of Tata Sons, founded by the great visionary Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata way back in 1868, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited continues to build on this strong foundation and legacy of TATA.

With a relentless commitment to create world-class office spaces as well as focus on value creation for all our stakeholders, Tata Realty and Infrastructure is happy to be at the forefront of leading the change in commercial real estate development with the inception of Intellion.

With more than 53 projects and 2.97 million square metre(32 million square feet) already delivered, it has made a significant impact in the residential, commercial and retail space in the country.



Intellion has crafted and designed four primary landmark addresses based on scale and type of commercial projects

Our Partners

Aligned with best-in-class partners

Intellion has built strategic alliances and partnerships with the world's leading names in architecture, design, landscaping and construction to deliver projects of superior quality and value.


The Intellion Advantage

Intellion integrates intelligent design and infrastructure with flexible, customizable and future-ready workspaces and lush eco-friendly work environments to offer a vibrant, engaging, healthy and rewarding ecosystem for all stakeholders – enterprises, employees, partners, associates and the community at large.


      Steering the way ahead for Intellion

      Tata Intellion

      The Executive Leadership Team at Tata Realty and Infrastructure Ltd. & Tata Housing Development Company Ltd is at the heart of every Intellion project. We deliver Smart, Secure, Sustainable and Social work environment that help increase efficiency, augment innovation and promote well-being.

      Tata Intellion