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IT Resurgence, Maharashtra

October 26, 2023
"IT Resurgence, Maharashtra" marked a significant gathering of policymakers, real estate developers, IT companies, and investors, unveiling the promising future of the IT sector in Maharashtra. This event witnessed dynamic discussions and the introduction of innovative policies that signalled the revival of IT in the state. The evening was iconic, as it uncovered new possibilities and shared valuable insights. The event featured presentations by Mr. Deependra Singh Khushwah (IAS), Development Commissioner, and Mr. Sanjay Korboo, Jt. Director (Industries), who introduced Maharashtra's new IT Policy. Following this, a panel of distinguished industry leaders, including Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Mr. Vinod Rohira, Mr. Atul Choradia, Mr. Ashish Singh, and Mr. Sanjay Dutt, discussed how this policy could drive investments across the state and contribute to meaningful development. Mr. Abhnav Joshi of CBRE provided insights into "Paving the way for Tech Sector Growth in Maharashtra." This was followed by another engaging panel discussion featuring Ms. Radhika Shenoy, Mr. Pankaj Soni, Mr. Pratik Agarwal, Mr. Hemal Mehta, and Mr. Gautam Saraf as the moderator, focusing on "Maharashtra Real Estate: Ready for the Tech Surge." Lastly, Ms. Aparna Khemani and Mr. Shravan Bendapudi from Gensler presented "Work Campus of the Future." The collective wisdom and expertise shared during the event are poised to transform IT Resurgence, Maharashtra, into a hub of ideas, strategies, and solutions that will shape the future of real estate in the state.

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